"Live to Forgive" touched my heart! I am so happy for Dean, Gienna and the rest of their family to have the weight of unforgiveness lifted from them. They truly can enjoy life and all it has to offer them. My wish is to someday feel that weight lifted from me and everyone I care about. Thank you for making it possible for all to see and be touched by this movie.--Marie Norton-Olsen

"Live to Forgive" is truly an amazing movie!!! So moving and extremely powerful. A true blessing to anyone who sees it! God is so Good!--Renee Dunkle Schunke 

This movie was beautiful and inspiring. The type you want to take everyone you know to. It touches your heart on so many levels. It had a very different slant on love and forgiveness. Sounds cliche...but it really made me want to be a better me and I feel like I have... a clearer understanding of how to accomplish that now:)--AMC Website

I saw the film at the Kansas City Film Festival and absolutely loved it. I had to step outside and collect myself afterwards I was so touched. Thank you all for sharing your story of forgiveness. I hope I can get a copy of the film someday to show my students!--Laurie Moody